Just Two More Bits

Quite a day turned to fire
A most dreadful affair.

By and by we moved to a new town named Muskegee. Just an honest doctor and his lovely companion in city in dire need of high quality doctoring. Of the minutiae and the affairs of the medical man I shall not beleaguer you. To the layman all would seem a boring litany of jargon and scientific mumbo-jumbo quite beyond your reckoning. It is not my purpose here.

Suffice to say that a respectable surgery has been established serving the better sort wist not neglecting the more humble orders.

There we were, Miss Sally and I were perambulating down the thoroughfare after a most unfortunate hanging had been effected by the local citizenry ins response to a most shocking crime. The poor fellow was strung up right under the “Welcome to Muskgee” sign of all places and I stood there remarking on the mob’s choice of gallows tree with my companion reflecting on the vicissitudes of justice when a hue and cry went up. It was discovered that the no good scalawag who had perpetrated the infamous crime had been discovered by the sheriff and was hiding behind the livery stable!

The rascal had a firearm, a colt revolver and he intended to use on anyone who attempted to prevent his escape.

There he was, a monster breathing fire and death like a dragon in the romances of old. By and by after a thrilling exchange of hot-lead and thrilling heroics the outlaw was brought to heal by the very means he had intended to be his salvation. A discharge of Miss Sally Mae’s small revolver spooked a shod horse in the yard and the dumb beast kicked the man full in the rib-cage killing him utterly.

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